Milan. May, the 9th

The Italian startup Nuvolaria has ratified the entry into the company of the Chinese investor Ying Wang, who after the signing of the agreement has entered fully into the Board of Directors.
The funds raised will allow these young entrepreneurs to accelerate the entry on the Asian markets of the first round computer: FIXO, an electronic device that combines Italian technology and design.

The meeting between Nuvolaria and the Chinese investor took place thanks to the collaboration with Tech Silu, a consulting firm based in Milan, China and Hong Kong: their job is to help Italian startups to obtain funds from Asia to develop and finance projects with a high rate of innovation.

For the young entrepreneurs of Molise there are therefore interesting scenarios for the future because, in addition to the liquidity injection, the investor will be the intermediary that will allow FIXO to be brought to the Asian markets, the Chinese one in the first place.

The history of Nuvolaria shows that companies that “think globally and act locally” can achieve important results, especially when one believes in a project and stubbornly pursues it even in the most difficult moments.
Pending the next evolution of this collaboration between Italy and China, it is important to note that even from a small and forgotten Italian region, international entrepreneurial situations can emerge. Ad maiora, FIXO!