Another Hospitality event for FIXO team: this time the rounded Room Assistant landed in Berlin, where ita was highly appreciated and catched the interest of several facility managers.

The location was incredibly big, because it gathered people from all over the world and each pavilion had something to offer, especially in the Asian area.

FIXO Smart Room was recognized as a useful and eye-catching room device that improves the Guest Experience, creating at the same time new revenues opportunities: European facilities showed a little more caution while non-European countries were more welcoming to new trends and new Hospitality technologies.
Another important topic came out: FIXO was perceived by many stakeholders as a Premium device to be placed in the suites or superior rooms to enhance the upper level of their offer.

Hopefully, in a few months you will see FIXO Smart Room from as a tool to upgrade the placement for the rooms and as well as a new stay experience.