FIXO International Press Release



The round computer that looks like a vynil allows you to control music and home automation
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Italianen voegen vooral stijl toe aan de smart home


Un oggetto d’arredo intelligente, controllabile da un insieme di applicazioni facili da usare e progettate per una forma circolare
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Evolving technology gives a new life to many regular things that you use in your routine. FIXO is a computer disguised in clock
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Fixo: un disque intelligent digne d’un couteau suisse!

Introducing the first round shaped Pc that controls, entertains and makes your lifetime less difficult in the home and wherever you’d like
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Compared to other  home systems, FIXO takes it up a notch with a stylish design that looks great presented on a table or on the wall anywhere in the home

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FIXO is the first circular device that controls, entertains and makes your life easier at home
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FIXO brings your digital life into the smart home
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The ‘FIXO’ Smart Computer Disc Provides Support with Palpable Information

È un prodotto Made in Italy il primo computer al mondo di forma rotonda. Il suo nome? FIXO e assomiglia ad un vinile